Zombie Sniper Patrol

//Zombie Sniper Patrol

Zombie Sniper Patrol

The new Land of Illusion Zombie Sniper Patrol ride gives you the power to actually hunt down and shoot Zombies before they can escape the woods and run wild in the village. Climb aboard our retrofitted US Army Cargo Truck, settle in behind one of the paintball gun turrets and take aim and fire at the Zombie invasion as your unit navigates the treacherous woods. Turn back the Zombie Apocalypse! Protect the town from the undead! And pick off these freakish mutants before they pick on you.

The Zombie Sniper Patrol is a separate ride from the cost of your admission. While your standard admission ticket gets you unlimited access to four haunted houses and one haunted trail, you’ll need a separate ticket to join this elite hit squad.

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